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Infrared Communications for Atmel Mega644/1284 microcontrollers


Infrared (IR) can be used for line-of-sight communications over low to moderate range. IR is nice because of the lack of interference (except for sun and compact fluroscent lights) and freedom from FCC regulation. The transmitter drive uses a clever method to modulate and invert the serial output from the USART transmitter. The circuit is shown below. In my version, MCU timer 2 is used standalone to generate a 56 KHz square wave on pin D7. A lower resistor gives more range, but of course draws more current. The TSAL6400 can take 100 mA forward current, but the maximum current rating for any port pin of the MCU is 40 mA. You should probably limit the current to 30 mA. At 30 mA, the forward voltage drop of the diode is about 1.25 volts, so the the resistor needs to be
(2.5 volt)/(0.03 amp)> 83 ohms.

I improved Remin's protocol by setting up the link software so that timing constraints on the IR receiver AGC were guaranteed to be met. It turns out that there are se…


The goal of the project was to design and build a low-cost, light-weight, head-mounted eye
tracker, which will enable tracking of a subjects focus of gaze within his/her field of vision. The
head-mounted unit consists of a forward-looking camera to record the subject's field of view,
and a second camera to capture the position of the eyeball. Software running on a remote host
computes the position of the subject's gaze using the video feed from these two cameras, in
real-time. The unit is significantly cheaper than existing units available in the market.
Performance and encountered with various approaches is discussed.

Full report (pdf)



Out of Violet’s electrical subsystems, the Power subsystem is the most critical because it is housed on a single board that supplies power to all other subsystems and is designed in-house. The Power System functions include using solar panels to collect energy, storing energy in batteries with appropriate protection systems, sampling components’ and subsystems’ sensors to monitor their power consumption, distributing power from solar cells and batteries, acting as a controller for the Flight Computer, and communicating with the Flight Computer through data packets. Hence, the Power microcontroller (MCU) serves as power controller and power monitor. Revision 1 of the Power Board layout was completed, and the populated board was tested in a Flat-sat setup. MCU code was written to execute the major control, monitoring, and communication functions. Correct functionality of the software functions was verified on a STK500-based testbench, which closely resembles the interface…


This project is designed to explore the possibility of building a compact
acceleration measuring device and applying it in a typical middle/high school science
class. Such an interesting interactive device could to be used to improve the traditional
classroom environment. Students can carry the device on their bodies and see how fast
they move, and ideally, it is hoped to help them become more interested in learning
simple physics. The project’s design is based on a pair of microcontrollers.
Accelerometer’s sensors are used and data are transmitted through radio frequency and
serial communication (RS232). Readings of the accelerometer’s outputs are updated ten
times a second and data will be shown in graphical interpretation after measurement is
taken. The designed goal of this project is to provide a simple-to-use and reliable device
that can record the acceleration with good time resolution.
Full Report in PDF format


Rock Band 2 is a popular video game enjoyed by millions on their Xbox 360 console game systems. However, unlocking all of the available songs is a task that many players do not have time or patience for. In addition, many players wish they had talented players to achieve high scores with. We have designed a system that is able to beat Rock Band songs on any difficulty, playing up to four instruments at a time. Implemented on an FPGA, the design is capable of highly accurate, real-time results. Video is read directly from the Xbox without any external sensors mounted on the TV. Modifications were made to the Rock Band instruments that maintain their original functionality and wireless radios were used to allow users to play the game far away from the Xbox. Advanced detection algorithms allow this device to achieve near-perfect scores and compete with any human.

Full report (pdf)


Persistent of Vision Display

Introduction The purpose of this project is to design and to create a persistence of vision (POV) display. This display will allow users to upload an image to be displayed through wireless communication. A persistence of vision (POV) refers to the phenomenon of the human eye in which an afterimage exists for a brief time (10 ms). A POV display exploits this phenomena by spinning a one dimensional row of LED's through a two dimensional space at such a high frequency that a two dimensional display is visible. In our case, we created a cylindrical display by spinning a column of LED's around a central motor shaft (Figure 1). The rotational speed of the LED's is fast enough such that the human eye perceives a two dimensional image.

Figure 1. Hardware setup of POV display. The overall design of this project can be grouped in the following three categories: electrical design, mechanical design, and software design. The most labor intensive portion of this pr…


Face detection and tracking has been an important and active research field because it offers many applications, especially in video surveillance, biometrics, or video coding. The goal of this project was to implement a real-time system on an FPGA board to detect and track a human’s face. The face detection algorithm involved color-based skin segmentation and image filtering. The face location was determined by calculating the centroid of the detected region. A software version of the algorithm was independently implemented and tested on still pictures in MATLAB. Although the transition from MATLAB to Verilog was not as smooth as expected, experimental results proved the accuracy and effectiveness of the real-time system, even under varying conditions of lights, facial poses and skin colors. All calculation of the hardware implementation was done in real time with minimal computational effort, thus suitable for power-limited applications.
Full report (pdf)


Samsung Galaxy S4 specifications

Here comes the complete tech specs of the new flagship phone "Samsung Galaxy S4"

keep hooked to see the new features and specs right after the break .....

Samsung Galaxy S4

finally the smartphone manufacture Samsung Electronics announced the much awaited s series fourth generation GALAXY S 4 smatphone which features a  5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 441 ppi. 

It weighs 130g and is 7.9 mm thick. The phone will be powered by a 1.9 GHz Quad-Core Processor or a 1.6 GHz Octa-Core processor.Running Android 4.2.2 OS, the Galaxy S4 has a 13 megapixel auto focus camera with flash and zero shutter lag. It also uses the corning gorilla glass 3 technology which makes it a perfect companion for life.

Its features like Samsung optical reader(it will recognize text,bar codes etc and then use them for call,sms,translation and much more) and Samsung watch on(it will serve as a optical remote for large number of in house devices like tv,dvd plyers ,ac etc) make our life much more simple by providing more utilities

The new "s health" software from samsung will provide you details about your health and regular preve…

Samsung Galaxy S4 features

finally the time has come when the smartphone giant Samsung premiered its latest flagship phone, The Galaxy S4, which supports a bigger display and amazing features such as gesture controls. TO add to core world of processors It comes with 1.9 GHz quad-core processor and 1.6 GHz Octa-core processor depending on regions, supporting 3G network as well as the 4G LTE. Here's a look at the great amazing features that the new flagship S4 packs in it: The new 'Smart Pause' feature would enable users to control the screen by where they look. When users are watching a video, the video pauses if they look away, then it re-starts right up again when they look back. The 'Smart Scroll' function would allow users to scroll the browser or emails up and down without touching the screen. It recognizes users' face looking at the screen and movement of their wrist and then scrolls the pages up or down accordingly.
A 'dual camera' function, which had a 13 megapixe…

top 10 five star hotels in world

finally here it comes ....the top 10 hotels of the world which surpasses the the luxury element in them when compared to the others due to their finest services offered to the guests to make them experiance lure the bliss of heavens at their land in the nature bliss so to start off withThe Phoenix Resort grabs the first spot

1.The Phoenix Resort

2. The Peninsula

3. Star Wood Hotels

4.The Upper House