Samsung ATIV S Windows phone

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here comes the  latest Samsung ATIV S Windows phone beast from samsung with windows 8 operating system to give a strong competetion to upcoming lumia edition phones like lumia 900,910,920 .

Samsung's ATIV S Windows phone sports a high-end 4.8-inch display, Corning "Gorilla" glass, and an 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera.

The samsung's ATIV S features a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, a 4.8-inch high-definition Super AMOLED display, 1GB of RAM, microSDHC support, an 8-megapixel camera, and also processes 2,300 mAh battery. awe!! thats enough to just tease an iphone user:):)

The company has declared that the phone  featuring wp8 will hit the market shelves in october. so keep your figures crossed to take hands on it and start saving the money to own this mighty windows 8 beast with its stunning features.

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Samsung EK-GC100 Galaxy Camera

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Samsung EK-GC100 Galaxy Camera:)

Android Jelly Bean:)

massive 4.8-inch display:)

21x zoom:)

WiFi and 4G connectivity:):)

  finally here comes the android camera from the samsung to revolutionarize the the photography world with its latest and powerfull android jelly beans 4.1 operating system on the camera.

The giant electronics maker's existing mirrorless and point-and-shoot camera lineups were the primary topic of discussion recently, but we got a glimse of a Galaxy product possibly to come, from the camera division of samsung. A Galaxy camera ! That could only mean Android, and a heavy heaping of touch and connectivity. such a device is under consideration by the company to revolutionarize the camera world and change the existing camera technology by taking it to a little advance levels.the company officials said that they are  "considering" such a device, but declined to provide any hint as to design or functionality of the upcomming camera.

Nikon with its android camera beats Samsung out the door with its latest Coolpix S800c -- a 16-megapixel snapper camera powered by Android 2.3.3, but this latest version is an entirely different beast to conquer over. The entire back of the camera (Samsung EK-GC100 Galaxy) is occupied by an edge-to-edge 4.8-inch 1,280 x 720-pixel (308 ppi) touch display. There are still a few hardware buttons on board, including a flash release (there's a pop-up strobe in the top right corner), a power button, zoom toggle and shutter release, but you'll spend most of your time interacting with the Galaxy Camera through touch. 
With the Auto mode, you'll have access to a touch-to-focus system while leaving the rest of the computing to the camera. Smart Pro Mode is Samsung's version of intelligent auto, offering ideal settings for 10 different scenarios, such as the Waterfall Trace and Night Trace options, which slow down the shutter speed for daylight and evening shoots, respectively.

Naturally, there are plenty of options for sharing. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean's on board, so you can add any of your favorite imaging apps from Google Play (yes, even Instagram -- a future update will add zoom functionality, too). There are also plenty of native sharing and sorting options, including a device-wide search tool that lets you locate shots based on a face tag, location or time. Best Group Pose will automatically select the ideal portrait of you and your friends, while Share Shot lets you use WiFi Direct to send content to your buds with Galaxy cameras and smartphones in realtime. There's also an Auto Cloud Backup feature, which provides redundancy by sending your photos wirelessly as you shoot -- assuming you're connected to WiFi or a wireless carrier.
Despite the Galaxy's rather large profile, Samsung opted for a standard 1/2.33-inch BSI CMOS sensor, capable of 16-megapixel snaps. Don't expect top-of-the-line image quality, but the 21x, f/2.8-5.9, 23-480mm lens will let you get far closer to the action than any smartphone on the market today. This latest point-and-shoot falls within Samsung's SMART lineup, which means there's surely WiFi on board. There's also 3G and 4G connectivity as well, though, delivered from the carrier of your choice through a micro-SIM that slides in beside the microSD card and 1,650 mAh battery, which Samsung reps say can provide up to seven hours of battery life while connected.

We had a chance to shoot with the Galaxy Camera for a few minutes today. The camera we had was clearly an early prototype -- we did experience focusing issues and a colleague's device locked up during the demo -- but considering that it's not set to ship until October, Samsung has a bit of time left to work out the kinks. Otherwise the experience was quite positive; we found the camera to be very responsive and intuitive, especially if you're already familiar with Android. Upon boot-up, you're met with a typical Jelly Bean home screen, with a standard Camera shortcut, located front and center, launching the advanced interface. You can, of course, use the device as a data-only smartphone of sorts as well, surfing the web, responding to email and consuming media just as you would on any other Galaxy.

Without standard phone functionality, the Galaxy Camera won't replace your smartphone -- not to mention that the rather bulky form-factor would end up being quite a nuisance while considering it as smart  -- but if you don't make calls, this could only be a device in your pocket. the image quality seems to be good enough to chase your wits. The device is set to begin shipping in October, and will be sold through camera retailers as well as carrier outlets, though pricing has not yet been released. 
Catch all the details directly from Samsung in the press release comming soonor on the samsung website shortly.

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Xiaomi Phone 2

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Xiaomi Phone 2:)

4.3-inch 720p IPS:)

quad core :)

Jelly Bean .... only for $310 :):)

finally, no more secret treasures from xiaomi,recently xiaomi Announced in Beijing just now is the Xiaomi Phone 2, and with the exception of the appearance, most of the high tech and advanced specs match to the leaks that we've come across previously .it features a  4.3-inch 720p IPS display by Sharp, Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 quad-core chip, 2GB RAM and 16GB memory. To power this upcomming beast, Xiaomi's throwing in a 2,000mAh cell batteries, but also you can purchase a 3,000mAh version if you don't mind the extra 2mm thickness on the phone. As for photography, you get a 28mm two-megapixel imager from the front facing camera along with a 27mm F2.0 eight-megapixel BSI camera on the back panel.

The good news is still yet to reveal. On the software front Xiaomi's decided to jump straight to Android Jelly Bean for the phone's MIUI ROM, which itself packs several new features as well. Just to name a few the beast features itself with enhanced security, phone finder, Chinese voice assistant (apparently with 85 percent comprehension accuracy), more interactive and creative themes and 5GB of cloud storage service with online client.also both devices support WCDMA 850、1900 and 2100MHz.UI animation was slick.
As you can already see, all of this will cost you only ¥1,999 (about $310) -- the same as the original Xiaomi Phone announced this time last year -- when it launches in October, and local carriers China Unicom plus China Telecom will also be offering the DC-HSPA+ handset at subsidized prices. Interestingly, Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun even admitted on the stage that the phone's raw cost is ¥2,350 ($370) per unit, so hopefully it'll go down sooner than later for his sake. But if ¥1,999 is still too much, there's also the ¥1,499 ($235) Xiaomi Phone 1S which, as we've already seen, is very much just the original Xiaomi but bumped up from 1.5GHz to 1.7GHz, along with a front-facing camera.

The Xiaomi Phone 2s already left pretty solid impressions on the spectators and the people. so get yourself ready to buy one for yourself once its launced in the markets to experiance the beast with mindblowing specs in the smartphone arena.
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Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse

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here comes the latest gaming mouse from Razer that inadvertently broke cover over at the's been official anounced over a month ago, but recently Germany's annual gaming convention has offered us our first chance to to get to grips with it. Razer has tied itself in a ergonomic knot over the Ouroboros, with most of the mouse's dimensions happily adjustable to suit practically any gamer hand.

The mouse seems to be a hard core gamming device,When we got our hands on adjusting it, raising the bridge of the lower half of the Ouroboros, and extending the back out a little.The mouse packs a pair of sensors, with a top end 8,200 DPI primary joined with a secondary sensor to detect and adjust to different playing surfaces. Yeah, it's sounding pretty precise and surely a gamers pride. While the mouse is wireless, there's a cable which will not only charge it, but also switch it to a "wired" mode, stopping any broadcast and presumably speeding up the recharge. The mouse will also connect to Razer's Synapse 2 cloud-based settings service, which will house the finely-tuned key shortcuts and preferences online, downloading them to any other PC you start to use the Ouroboros with it. 

The mouse is still set to launch in Q4 this year, ringing up at Razer's online store for $ get your hands ready to get over the latest gaming device from the ultimate gaming device company razer very soon:):)
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Adidas Social Media shoe concept

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here comes the glimse of the latest upcomming concept shoes by adidas to revelutionarize the shoe industry by embracing the shoes with future technology.
Adidas seems to be known for making connected shoes linked-up with a Nash Money concept making its pressence felt late into the London Olympics.

The signature Adidas stripes on the shoes changes their colours through remote control.
The Social Media Barricade shoes weaves the features of a phone and a basic two-line green LCD  display into a running shoe, letting the footwear take Twitter updates very literally on the run through any public account. the Adidas is revealed to call of the Social Media Barriacade the "future of athlete connectivity," the only athletes putting eyes on a pair right now are those swinging by the Olympics' media lounge for interviews purpose.the shoes are still a upcomming concept and will be soon comming to the production.

 it seems that the shoe will be becoming more high tech and popular with the forth comming rio olympics 2016.
so keeps you feets ready to experiance the high tech shoes when it lands on the retail markets.

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usb AA batteries for gadget charging

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here comes the latest development by chinese people,a double aa size batteries that will charge your any gadget including your smartphones with its usb port.
oh! it seems to be a blessing in desguise,in this current fast moving world with the avide gadgets users ,batteries seems to be draining fast,so you could carry these batteries with you and get relaxed at your journey to get your smartphones running all the time.

 it seems to a amazing concept by the chinese developers.these batteries features usb port for charging all your portable gadgets.they will be soon comming to markets for retail sale at a very nominal prices.

hats off to the chinese developers,for such a useful and efficent designing !
it a must for techno greeky to carry these batteries all time,to get his gadgats going all the time with him,hand to hand.
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21 designer pen drives

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hi friends here comes the latest,cool and some creative pen drives that are flaunting over the internet and selling like hot cakes for their creative and innovative design.
go ahead to take a look at the stunning usb drives designs

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solar power air conditioner

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Here comes the first solar power air conditioner by a world giant china.with the need of air conditioners incresing in the current era of modernities the resources are aos depliting and the running cost of these air conditioners is making a hole in the pockets of the people taking away their hard earned money .In the summer the heat reaches such high temperatures that, a home without air conditioning can literally kill people.

This green machine is made by a company called Vicot.


so to rescue this situation china has come up with a new technology to save the energy and peoples money by using the solar energy to get the ac's working to cool the people and get them relaxed at a low cost.

The ac machine claims that it has  85% thermal cooling conversion efficiency and it can utilize solar energy at 27 times what a typical water-heating unit is able to do. The system allows for 24/7 cooling, heating, and a supply of hot water with natural gas used to supplement when needed. The company claims that in 3.5-5 years, the initial investment for the system can be recovered and in 6.7 years, the entire investment in the system can be recovered. but the downside of the machine is that the cooling system appears to be too large for most residential home and price is still yet to be revelead.

keep your fingers crossed to get it at a cheap price and install it anywhere in your ,if you have the space to save on your electricity bills .

go green to enjoy and replenish the natures resources for your benefits.

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BMW C Evolution electric scooter

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finally the time has come when  BMW has launched its high tech green bike that runs on electricity to change the world with the upcoming technology.

The C Evolution seems to be the third generation of an electric scooter that BMW has previously shown in concept form. This two-wheeler uses an electric motor and an 8 kilowatt battery pack to drive the rear wheel. BMW says that it can go 62 miles on a full charge. Although a large battery back, it does not use liquid cooling. Instead, its casing channels air through the individual cells. As the batteries produce more heat under load, the C Evolution should be going faster as the batteries hit higher temperatures, improving the air flow.

the scooter offers a top speed of 75 also features the anti lock breaks technology to make the scooter more security proof.its single swing arm supports the rear drive wheel, which is turned by a shaft below the scooter offering the driving a beter turn angles. LED lights equppied in the fronts and back of scooter decreases the load on the battery, and the rider gets speed and battery status from an LCD on the dash boad of the scooter in the front of his eyes for a convienent ride. 
the e scooter from bmw will come in for consumers in mid 2014 ,so get your hands packed with the money to buy one and save the alling earth and saving resources by going green which will give you some extra bucks to have a ice cream treat with your kids instead of spending them on the fuel.

green tech will surely change the future propects of living,so must opt for it to change the living propectives of ones life.

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