what makes mashable.com earn in 6 figures

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hi friends i know you would be really intresed in knowing what makes peter cashmore the very owner of the great masahable.com that went viral over the years for its intreseting and latest posts on everything that is happning around the world makes 6 figure income from his webblog.

go ahead ,read and find out how he makes his presence fell over the internet to get in big buckks from the google adsense advertising tools on his site.

mashable.com is the webblog that updates its self everyday with latest stuff covering all the hot topics and news that happining around the world to get variety and majority of web surfers to its site .
Mashable is one of the largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.
mashable with its launch in 2005 by peter cashmore had made its significant presence over the internet world with grabing over more than  25 million Monthly Page Views its monthly adsense income estimates to around $6,00,000 Per Month.

the main focus of this site is covering the all the possible areas of the latest happining news from the world which brings it into the limelight and its strenght is the quality of content that it post ,all this gives petercashmore a hefty juicy check every month to enjoy the treat after paying the salaries of the employes.
the sharing tools on the site also brings in lot of traffic from various sources after people share the articles to thier facebook ,twitter account etc,which increses the  cpm and ctr of the site advertisement,thus incresing its monthly income.
the easy navigation deisgn helps user to read more articles of his intrest which increses the cpm of site.
it also follows all the seo tips to get most traffic from search engine.

so intotal the hard work which petercashmore with its team has done over the years to reach upto that level has made its prestige over the web world,which is indeed paying him a handsome income .

you to could also make the massive money form your site ,but you need to put consistent effort to reach upto the level of six figures.
its my promise that you will deffinately reach that level very soon if you continue to work hard to bring up your blog to the webworld.


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earning in 6 figures via youtube

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hi friends here comes exclusive and simple ways for you to earn a handsome six figure income from world wide popular video streaming site youtube just by showing your crazy,funny ,crap ,comedy or any other stuff that goes viral in the form of videos to the millions of pastime surfers which give you handsome paychecks to spend your holidays in luxury paradises and royal hotels.

so come on, get inspired to earn in millions from youtube videos just by following the simple yet effective steps on your videos.

first thing you need to careful about is ,must give a catchy and relevant title to your video .doing this attracts many users to click instantly on your video if they find relavent title toyour video.

secondly you need to focus on a catchy thumb image,if the video provides a relavent and crazy image then its fine. if you are not satisfied by the image just go to setting and change the image thumb this will increase your views 10 times .

next you need to focus on getting more subscribers ,because more the number of subscribers more will be the view count each day,thus increasing your daily adsense earnings.
the subscribers will get your video directlty when you publish .so they will on ease to view your videos regulary .

you should also upload the genuine,interesting and crazy  content to build the intrest of visitors in your videos.

you can also share your videos on social media sites to increse its popularity to get more views each day.you can go for facebook,twitter,stumbleupon,myspace etc.

in the descrption of your videos and on the side of the videoplayers give the links to your others videos.this helps to get more random visitors thus incresing your dailty cpm and ctr,making you earn more each day.

so follow the steps and guidelines given above and earn in millions.
 just in few months you will be able to see your daily youtube income incresing rapidly.

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how to increase website traffic manifolds in minutes

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here come the simple yet powerful ways for you to increse your website traffic manifolds with only fews efforts.
this will helpyou to get a boastin your income.
so go ahead read,apply and get your additional treat of revenue from advertisement ready for you at the end of month.

firstly you need to get a eye catchy stunning title for your each post.
doing this will help you to drive the large amount of random traffic to your site increseing your cpm.

then you must add latest and popular tags to attract more visitors via different sites and search engine.

most importantly content is the king ,go for quality and consistent content, don't compromise for efforts while writing for your site. write best article in your niche with your creativeness and knowledge.

to get the highly productive targeted traffic you need to opt in for all the tips and techniques of Search Engine Optimization . this will increase your overall earnings ,thus making your wealthy.

Search Engine Optimization  is the combination of keyword usage, keyword replacement, which leads to a high ranking of your website on search engine results and will help you to generate web traffic. It improves your rank on search engine in order to attract more visitors. This way you can increase the web traffic in manifolds. 

go ahead implement all these tips to your blog and the.... success is yours:):)

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earning in 6 figures via adsense

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hi friends ,i know you are curious to know how to earn lot of money from your website , youtube videos and blogs just by using google adsense as your advertising tool.

now days ad-sense is being preferred through out the world for earning money via websites,and it seems some people are earning in lacks from this very tool ,so why cant you.

are you lacking something in your approach to earn that much amount,or you are not serious about the website money. whatsoever may the case be,i will guide you and assist you on the ways to boast your income manifolds from ad-sense ,only in few weeks and you  will surprised to see the results.

first you need to see is your title must be catchy enough to trigger the persons nerve to click over it at the first instant when he see it.
if its not the case ,then you must think of a eye catch title for each of your post before posting it website.
doing this will increase your traffic rate and page rank ,thus increasing your cpm of the advertisements on your blog,which would in-turn will increase your earning average manifolds in few days.
use 2-3 words in title ,as they get easily indexed and attracts more users while surfing the net for quality content.

after that you must see that your add is placed at right place on your blog.
these days most prefereable to earn handsome cash is to place the ads above the fold,ie on the upper part of blog,doing this will help you to get incresed ctr ,as the person thinks to click on it before reading the post.this increases your daily earning ,giving a greater profit at the end of month.
use a 256-256 banner on side bar and a 729 -60 banner below the navigation bar .

next thing you need to see is ,is your blog using all possible seo tips and tricks to optimize it for best performance ,if not read my these posts :"21 must watch blogging tips" & "51 effective seo tips" and implement all these techqniques to get in the regular quality traffic for your blog giving your revenue a  overall boast .

  as you can now see that social media is becoming very viral on the internet ,so you should also take advantage of this social media in spreading your blog for its publicity.it is very effective way to get tonnes of traffic regulaly.it has helped me a lot in getting traffic and incresing the earning ,you could also be benifitted by this.popular medai at present are facebook,twitter,myspace,stumble upon etc.

lastly content is the king .you need to write quality and consistent content , make interesting videos regularly for incresing your site ctr and traffic.
this is the factor by which sites like masahble .com etc are earning in millions from blog.they write regulary article on daily basis to get updates on all the happeninh issues. you could too cover the latest issuse to get traffic.

after implementing these tips you must be patient for some time to let the mighty powers of universe work for your good and bring the traffic from acrose the world to give a boast to your monthly revenues.

i guarantee you ,if you without compromising any of these tips apply them to your blog,you will definitely see a boast in your income.
mark my words your income will become almost double in 2 months.

share this post with your friends to help them also to boast thier adsense income.
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21 must watch blogging tips

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here comes the top tips for every blogger to get most of his blog in short span of time and spread over the internet like a boom .
so go ahead ,read,implement and see yourself growing:):)

1.write quality content :the internet seems to be growing everyday,only the one who survives is the one who write quality content.you need to be creative and original while writing for your blog.this will attract more traffic from web to your blog.

2.divide and conquer :dont try to do everything at the same time of the day ,you will definaletly get short of ideas,devide your blogging to 2 parts and do them at differnt time of day ,this will help you to get in more creative ideas into your blog articles.

3.segregate the topics:Instead of creating a great site that contains all the sections, try creating different domains for each section, which monitors more successful and potentially up to gain strength and can assist the other sections. It’s a vicious circle that eventually you will grow exponentially if you do well.

4.manage your time: while writing your blog,you must assign the time to youurself before starting and complete the adequate number of posts in that time,this will help you to get away with the frustation that you could face if you give moore time to it in the day ,cutting your time from other activities.remember time management is most important aspect of ones life to get success.

5.use tags:you must use tags in your evry post to get more traffic from serach engines.

6.customize your blog templete: make sure that your template is attractive and easy to navigate through the different pages of your site.

7.use Google Analytics : try to use services like this and page ranker to see your growth and your lacking areas,it will help you a lot to manage your blog.

8.use rss reader : use the rss reader to widen your reach to more consistent audience to your site.

9.use social media : use the sites like facebook ,twitter,stumble upon to get more publicity and traffic.

10.use pictures whenever possible: it helps the search engine to easily index your site to its top pages,you will get your page indexed in various search engines just after you post.

11.always give your opinion :while writting your posy ,you jus give your personal opinion and experiance obout that topic,it helps you to connect with the person and ,he will then visit your site regularly.

12.put functional links on your footer:put links of your other posts in the footer of the post to get more page views,resulting in more traffic and better page rank.

13.create top 10 lists: create top 10 list to get the visitor stick to your blog for authentic info.

14.have some spare posts for emergencies : always keep some post to update to your site when you are busy in your schedule and are not getting time to write , this will help you to stay updated and connected with your users.

15.encourage readers to subscribe: give a subscribe form on the side bar and at the end of every post to ask user to subscribe,this will give a regular viewership for your blog.

16.write “How to” articles : these articles are very famous,write articles with how to headings to attract the more views.

17.use sense of humor : while writing for your blog use a crisp and gentle sense of humor to connect to your readers .

18.list your blog on directories :summit your site to directories to get more traffic from across the globe

19.be patient : after you have written be patient to get the traffic ,let your page get popularity and get indexed in the search engine ,then it get more traffic.

20. write sponsered reviews: you can write sponsered reviews to increase your traffic and get some money .

21 .experiment with Text-Link-Ads : use text link ads to your site to earn some extra income,when you will get huge traffic your income will consist ably increase to a sudden handsome amount.you can use info-links etc

 share this list with your friends to help them manage their site and get heavy traffic .

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top 10 adsense earners

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finally here's the list of the people earning in  lacks from the well known google advertising service just by implementing google adds on their high traffic websites using google ad-sense.

go ahead take a look at the hefty amounts and get inspired and motivated ,as you could also be featured in top 10 list some day in future.

1. Mashable

Mashable is one of the largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.
Top Earning Blog Adsense - Mashable
Founder – Pete CashMore
Adsense Earning – $6,00,000 Per Month
Launched – 2005
Monthly Page Views – 25 million

2. Weblogs

“Weblogs, Inc. is a blog network of about more than 90 blogs, covering a variety of subjects, from computers and gaming to the likes of food and independent film. It was bought by AOL in 2005 for $25 million.thier blogs offer great source of knowledge of current issues of world.
Top Adsense Earners - Weblogs Inc
Founders:  Brian Alvey and Jason Calacanis
Adsense Earning – $190,000 Per Month
Launched – 2003
Monthly Page Views – 25 million

3. Digital Point

Digital Point is one of the most popular discussion forums on the web related to search engines, including optimization, marketing, tools and other technical aspects.
Top Adsense Earners - TechCrunch
Founder – Shawn Hogan
Launched – 1995 (under the name Data Point Solutions)
Adsense Earnings – $5,00,000 / month

4 . TechCrunch.com

This technology blog was started by blogger Michael Arrington. The site specialises in information for startups and technology.  High quality audience from around the world have made him one of themost influential bloggers in the world. in 2010 AOL bought it over for $30 million.
Top Adsense Earners - Digital Point
Founder – Michael Arrington
Adsense Earnings –  $2,40,000
Launched – 2005

5.Digg .com

Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. The famous social news website was started by Kevin Rose Digg.com. He is valued at over $31 Million. Digg is another one of the high earning adses websites.
Top Adsense Earners - Digg
Founder–Kevin Rose
Adsense Earnings – $250,000.00 per month
Daily Visits – 1 Million Visitors a day
Launched –  2004

6. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton was started by Mario Lavandeira who has earned a name for offering celebrity news and juicy gossips. He writes 25-30 post everyday. Blogging has made him a celebrity and he regularly gets featured on talk shows and events.
Top Adsense Earners - Perez Hilton
Founder– Mario Lavandeira
Adsense Earnings – $2,00,000
Daily Visits – 1 Million Visitors a day
Launched – 2005

7. Shoe Money

Shoe money is ablog that teached people how to make money on the Internet. The was started by Jeremy Shoemaker.
You may have come acrros the famous photo of him with a check for $130,000 (one-month earnings from Google AdSense) that became popular a few years ago.
Top Adsense Earners - Shoemoney
Founder – Jeremy Shoemaker
Adsense Earnings – US$140,000 per month
Launched – 2003

8. Tweetmeme.com

Tweetmeme was a website that tracks conversations, stories and trends on one of the biggets social networking websites, twitter. The famous RetWeet button found on nearly a million blogs was initiallyu introduced by Tweetmeme. It was one of the fastest growing sites and rose to a global rank of 300 in just one year.
Top Adsense Earners - Tweetmeme
Founder – Nick Halstead
Adsense Earnings–  $2,25,000 / Month
Traffic – 385,000 unique visitors per month
Launched – 2008

9 .Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish was started by Canadian internet entrepreneur Markus Frind and his girlfriend. In 2003 soon after starting his site, he was only making $40 a day from Adsense. However by 2007 on good days, his daily earnings had risen to as high as $30,000 a day from over 1 billion page views a month.
Top Adsense Earners - Plenty of Fish
Founder – Markus Friend
Adsense Earnings –  US$300,000.00 per month
Launched – 2003
Reportedly, Markus Friend of Plenty of Fish.com earns an average income of US$300,000.00 per month.
here is the proof of this blogs income , an image of a 2 months cheque received by Plenty of Fish as far back as 2006 for over $900,000 as reported on plenty of fish blog on WordPress. This two month cheque alone shows an average of $450K per month.
Adsense Earners - POF Adsense Cheque

10. ClickIndia.com

And if you think only the big names can earn money via Adsesense, take a look at this site from India below.
Pankaj agarwal founded Clickindia 2 years ago and it zoomed up with classified ads posted by people all over india in alexa top 1k list. Adsense is clickindia only revenue model and thus they have optimised the site well for maximum CTR and for becoming the highest adsense earner from his country.
Top Adsense Earner - Click India
Founder – Pankaj Agarwal
Adsense Earning – $85,000/ month
Launched – 2007
Page-views/Visits – 5.5 million unique users a month
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51 effective seo tips

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here comes the most effective seo tips on the web for you to apply and make your website crawl over the web like a boom.i too have applied them to get large traffic from all around the world.
go ahead ,read ,apply and enjoy.

1.Content is the main player, consistent content.

2.A few quality links can weigh much more than a lot of non related low quality ones.

 3.Make tables make sense. write content, row by row as: Queen Elizabeth was born in 1533 and died in 1603. Fancy CSS will tabulate that if you let it!

 4.Adjust your game-plan based upon your market sector - every sector requires a different strategy so don't think what worked for selling widgets will work for philsophy. Stop bots from indexing pages which you don't want in the index, especially dynamic sections which have no relevance to the SERPs. 

5 And my second tip is similar, but more localized - use a solid semantic structure for your page. That makes the algorithm's job a whole lot easier.

6 Use a sound Information Architecture for your entire website. This includes, but is not limited to, choosing menu labels that make keyword sense (without stuffing) and also are no-bariner intuitive for your visitor. 

7 Eliminate or make less prominent all links to fluff pages (like member profiles).

8 Link to your less tasty pages from the site map. 

9 Create a site map. 

10. Create content that a dot edu, gov, or .us will find useful to link to. Kind of like social engineering, where you look at the behavior then tailor your response/approach to appeal and fit in with that behavior. In this case you're looking at what the pages are linking to and create pages to match that profile. 

11Build everything you want indexed so that it works perfectly with javascript, flash, java, activex and css disabled. 

12. Check regularly for dead links or old links that are redirecting to something else. Update or delete as appropriate. You won't get SEO brownie points for relevant outbound links unless they're working!
13 include keyword in title pages.
 14 attractive title pages .

 15 Make sure whatever you're trying to sell/promote/accomplish is user friendly and your call to actions are clear and easy to find on the pages that your users land on.

 16.try and make your code as lean as possible, compared to the actual content. offload all your affiliate 17links and ads to external javascript, so they don't clutter up the code. most of them don't work with javascript turned off anyway, so it doesn't matter. get rid of all the <br>'s, and other useless tags. you can do all that presentational stuff with CSS.

18.everyday fresh content 

19 .Efficient SE-friendly navigation.

20. Plan the site architecture using a rational naming hierarchy so that the folders make sense and are meaningful when seen in the SERPs. 

21. Plan the site so it can easily change web technology 
22. Plan the site so it is scalable 

23  Link out to quality external sites where appropriate

24. Become a webmasterworld.com supporter. Access to much more specific and fine tuning information there than any book you could ever read or any list of tips could cover.

25. add unique description meta tag for every page 

26. While you want to have keywords in your URL (and domain if possible), longer URLs tend to look more spammy to both customers and search engines. However, this isn't a serious issue, and if you need to have 11 or 15 words in your URL, it shouldn't be a problem, as long as you aren't doing it all the time.

27. be regular! write at-least 10 topics every week.

28. write creative and effective content.

29.Search engines understand CSS and font and background colors. They also recognize that a font-size of 1px is not going to be readable. Text that is hidden from your readers but visible to search engines is considered spam and will get your site banned.so dont hide text.

30.In general, spiders tend to prefer static URLs to dynamic ones. It is possible to rank high with a dynamic URL, but it's easier if you redirect dynamic URLs to shorter, static URLs.so try to avoid dynamic urls.

31.Start promoting your website by creating QUALITY backlinks. Quality is very important. What is a quality backlink? Search engines can recognize quality link when they see one.

32.Quality link usually sits on the page that has relevant content to your web page (to the page it is pointing to). The website that the link has been placed on is already trusted by major search engines. This type of a link is not sitting somewhere in the footer of the page but rather in the best possible and very visible location within the main content.

33.Registration of the domain name for 10 years tells Google that you are really serious about your business or your website.

34.Sticky content means that user will keep on returning to your website. It also means that if the user has found your website in the search results and decided to enter your site.

35.You should have clearly defined goals for your SEO efforts, and you’ll need web analytics software in place so you can track what’s working and what’s not.find a effective seo sofware.

36.Optimize your site to catch local traffic by showing your address and local phone number prominently. Submit your site to the free local listings services that the major search engines offer.

37.Sign up for Google Webmaster CentralBing Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer to learn more about how the search engines see your site, including how many inbound links they’re aware of. take the advantage of search engine tools

38.See your website as seen by the crawler of bing (Bingbot).

39.Google may bring you 70% of your traffic today, but what if the next big algorithm update hits you hard? What if your Google visibility goes away tomorrow? Newsletters and other subscriber-based content can help you hold on to traffic/customers no matter what the search engines do.  using social media and local search, etc.—will help you grow an audience of loyal prospects and customers that may help you survive the whims of search engines. so the thing is you must magnify your traffic sources by indexing your site to various directories

40. write honest and constructive reviews of anything you like.

41. leave comments on other sites with your sites reference,it attracts more traffic

42. use stumble upon,it is highly effective tool to drive quality traffic

43. heavy Penalty applied for lack of stick content sometimes is referred to as "-30 Penalty "

44. make face-book pages,use face-book plugins for your sites.

45. write sponsored reviews to increase the traffic and your page rank.

46. make html apps for your site content in blackberry app generator, ovi app wizard etc

47. add meta tags and a short description of your site .

48.Today nothing is written in stone, although large dominate a market does not mean your little page can not gain an advantage, the key is starting small, look for niches where the big are not as strong and strengthen our presence through them.
49. SEO isn’t a one-time event. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year may not work this year. SEO requires a long-term outlook and commitment. so be committed to it and you will definitely see the positive results.

50.SEO isn’t about instant gratification. Results often take months to see, and this is especially true the smaller you are, and the newer you are to doing business online. so try to be patient to see the effective results

51.Remember, when you go to search for something in any Search Engine , title contents is the first thing you read. So apart for creating search engine friendly title, remember it has to be also attractive and eye catchy.

Instead of creating a great site that contains all the sections, try creating different domains for each section, which monitors more successful and potentially up to gain strength and can assist the other sections. It’s a vicious circle that eventually you will grow exponentially if you do well.

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Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS Review

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Digital Cameras

Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS Review

Quick Take
  • Awesome build quality
  • Durable, and super slim metal exterior
  • Metal Tripod mount
  • Excellent image quality for a compact camera
  • Blazing fast shooting performance
  • Loads of useful exposure options for both stills and video
  • Captures very nice full HD video
  • Stylish exterior that comes in three colors (Red, Black, Silver)
  • Unmatched high ISO performance from a camera of this size (as of 03/15/2011)
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent bang for your buck
  • LCD screen could have been bigger
  • Flash is quite weak (which is to be expected from a camera this small)
  • Lens bezels dented easily, which raises some concern; although operation was not effected
  • The standard burst mode didn't live up to Canon's claim of 3.4fps
Bottom Line
The ELPH 300 HS is an awesome ultra-compact digicam that offers unmatched features and performance for a sub $250 camera; especially one of this size. Read more in our Full Conclusion.
Between the Powershot ELPH 100 HS and the 500 HS, the Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS is the mid-range model of their new ELPH HS series.  The 300 HS is being touted by Canon as the world's thinnest 24mm, 5x optical zoom digital camera with Optical Image Stabilizer.  It also sports the 12.1-Megapixel High Sensitivity CMOS sensor that allows for low-light pictures without the need for a flash.

Other features of the Powershot ELPH 300 HS include 1080p HD video recording with digital stabilization, a 2.7-inch LCD screen and Smart AUTO functionality for adjusting exposure as well as focus.  Also, a high speed burst mode captures up to 8 frames per second.

Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS key features include:
  • Compact and stylish metal bodu
  • 12.1-Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS image sensor
  • DIGIC 4 Image Processor
  • 5x optical zoom  covers 24 - 120mm equivalent range
  • 2.7-inch LCD with 230K pixels
  • 1080p video recording at 24fps
  • Smart AUTO (Face detection, focus, exposure)
  • High-speed Burst Mode captures 8.0fps @ 3M
  • 23 shooting scenes
  • Movie Digest Mode
  • Li-ion battery pack
  • Comes in 3 colors (Black, Red and Silver)

The Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS is available now with a suggested retail price of $249.99.

What's in the box?:
  • PowerShot ELPH 300 HS Body (red, black or silver)
  • Battery Pack NB-4L
  • Battery Charger CB-2LV
  • Wrist Strap WS-DC11
  • AV Cable AVC-DC400ST
  • USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
  • Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM
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