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Top 5 Most Wanted Electronic Gadgets Exposed - Technology

There are many cool electronics gadgets on the market today. There is even a list of the top 5 most wanted electronic gadgets. These gadgets were so popular that over 5 million units were sold on eBay last year. Therefore, you would think if they were so popular that they would be the perfect consumer electronic device. Well, think again. Most of these gadgets worked as advertised. However, there are little secrets that the manufacture of these gadgets doesnt want you to know. If youre in the market for one of these hot electronic gadgets then continue reading before you buy.
First, Ill provide a little background about the top 5 most wanted electronic gadgets. It turns out that video game consoles were the best selling electronic gadgets on eBay last year. Four out of the 5 gadgets on the list were video game consoles or a video game. Thats no surprise given the fact that theyre affordable, plethora of cool games available, and the game systems include rich graphics. However, be aware of these little known secrets before you purchase.
#1 - Nintendo WiiFor the second year in a row, the Nintendo Wii was the most wanted electronic gadget on eBay. Over 2,000,000 units and related items were sold last year. Wow, thats a lot sold for an electronic gadgets with shortcomings. They include poor controller battery life, Nunchuk controller not included in original packaging, no advance HD graphics, and lacks CD or DVD support. Finally, the Wii is for casual gamers not hardcore gamers. If you can overlook these Nintendo Wii shortcomings then make the purchase.
#2 - Microsoft Xbox 360The Microsoft Xbox 360 was the 2nd most sold electronic gadget on eBay last year with almost 1.3 million units and related items sold. Thats pretty amazing because less than a year ago, about 30% of all Microsoft Xbox 360 units suffered from the Red Ring of Death. The Red Ring of Death is when the Xbox 360 console experiences a general hardware failure. The ring of green lights around the power button is replaced with three flashing red lights notifying the user that the system is dead. Its been reported that Microsoft lost over $2 Billion because of this issue. The Xbox 360 console has been a lot more stable lately since Microsoft changed its graphics design process.
#3 - Sony PSPThe Sony PSP was the 3rd most wanted electronic gadget on eBay with over 350,000 units sold. The PSP (PlayStation Portable) can play PS2 graphical quality games, music, movies, and surf the Web. However, the Sony PSP includes the following shortcomings: screen exhibits noticeable jags and scan-lines during video and gaming sequences; UMD load times are slow when compared with DS games; the screen isn't glare-free and there is no built-in storage. If these shortcomings arent an issue for you then go for it.
#4 Apple iPod TouchThe Apple iPod Touch was #4 on the most wanted electronic gadget on eBay last year. Relative to the competition, the iPod Touch is a solid performer. The Apple iPod Touch has a stylish design and has many cool features. However, these cool features may be overwhelming for the average user.
#5 Nintendo Wii FitThe Wii Fit was the 5th most wanted item sold on eBay last year. The Nintendo Wii Fit along with the pressure-sensitive Balance Board is considered by some people to be healthy gaming. That sounds like a contradiction in terms. However, people are referring to the fact that the Wii Fit includes over 35 fun exercises and activities for the whole family. However, a word of caution; the Wii Fit calculates your BMI and fitness age. Instead of blindly accepting Wii Fits calculations, consult with your doctor for a professional opinion. No one knows your body better than you or your doctor.
In conclusion, the top 5 most wanted electronic gadgets have now been exposed. Remember these little known secrets before you buy one of these popular gadgets.


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