Change drivers installed double-way electronic eyes are confused by "electric"

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Weiyi Road, Zhengzhou, yesterday was implemented in 16 one-way road on the third day, we have at different times to the 16 one-way street interviews found that the phenomenon of road disorderly parking still, there are many Motor Vehicle Chuang forbidden lines, traffic police said that many drivers and reckless Road Chuang forbidding parking, resulting in many one-way road yesterday morning rush hour traffic jams. There are many people on the "16 one-way road," made many recommendations, more people had questions, this, the city traffic police detachment 11 explanation is given.
Found that illegal car parking: There is a 4 cars parked side by sideYesterday, we see that in the implementation of the 16 one-way road on both sides of all existing vehicles Luantingluanfang phenomenon.
Morning, we have been through seven road W to three on the road between the latitude found the road are cars parked both sides. In addition, the Seven Road near the intersection with the King of the Seven sea road, free parking Jeeves is also very serious situation, there is an even 4 cars parked side by side, which greatly affected the the highway.
Traffic police detachment, according to the person in charge, one-way three days ago, 16 one-way vehicle on the road have both been Luantingluanfang, vendors roadway taking phenomenon.
Police Solutions : According to police traffic police detachment Research Institute introduced more than 9 meters in width of a single line on the road, does not affect the passage of motor vehicles under the premise of allowing road side parking spaces for public parking plan. For the chaotic parking situation, the police will then be centrally cleared, photo stickers, and even trailer punishment. Municipal departments for the street stalls will be processed.
Chuang-way: a lot of drivers "installed confused" Yesterday 9:40
assigned 10 points, intersection waiting for traffic police in Fengle found that more than 30 vehicles Car Chuang forbidden line in the Fengle way, many vehicles on the road irregularities prevailing in the dawn. 11:20, 7 in Weiyi Road intersection with the duty by the police found a taxi Weiyi Road, from east to west along the retrograde approaching. Police quickly moved in its stopped to remind the "confused" driver: "Weiyi into a single line from west to east, you Chuang forbidden to work." Drivers have a look of puzzled and said: "to single it? I do not know ah. "The police at a glance" the man "is lying:" This is a single line for three days, you are a taxi driver, would not you know? "the driver looked to see through, and it embarrassed Frankly, said: "This is not catch a family on Well then, would like to copy the point Jindao. Chuang ban on the rows of." traffic police Shen Hero III Police Team introduced a single line like this out also insisted that the driver i s not a small number of retrograde.