ToothBrush with built-in Justin Bieber songs

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I think many of our readers have encountered the problem of making their little son or daughter to brush their teeth. Even with the cutest and the coolest toothbrush and the sweetest toothpaste it’s still a hard work, sometimes almost impossible. But what if we give them a little award (depending on each child’s musical taste) every time they brush their teeth? The thing above is a regular toothbrush, with a secret weapon. At a press of the button it plays a Justin Bieber’s song for two minutes - which is the same amount of time that dentists recommend to brush your teeth. Not much of a choice though, it has only 2 of JB’s songs: U Smile and Baby. A trio of LR44 batteries will keep this puppy running and bring you the joy (or a torture) of hearing the Canadian crooner every time you (or somebody else) brush your teeth.