Scientists created a new form of graphene

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A new form of graphene, the researchers created at the University of Texas at Austin, opens new perspectives in the cooling technology of semiconductor devices and electronic devices being 60% more efficient heat conductor than conventional. Development specialists from Austin worked in collaboration with colleagues from two American and one Chinese universities.

According to scientists, the new material is 60% more efficient conductor of heat than conventional graphene.

Graphene - a material consisting of a single layer of carbon, is very promising for microelectronics. In particular, because of its ability to conduct heat. Usually carbon consists of 98.9% of 12C isotope and 1.1% - is 13C isotope. Graphene created by the project participants is 99.99% 12C isotope. The measurements conducted by scientists have shown that the new material conducts heat better than any other material tested to date.

As stated, the development may have important implications for future semiconductor electronics. Reducing the size of transistors and increasing the speed of mechanisms require more effective heat dissipation. The problem is so big that scientists around the world are looking for and try to create materials that help to remove heat more effectively than materials used today.