To study DC potentiometer.

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Aim:- To study DC potentiometer.
Apparatus:- Power supply,(0-50v)
Circuit Diagram :-
The potentiometer although not consider a bridge has circuit that using a simple
circuit thermo becomes identical to the whetstone bridge. The potentiometer is a device
for measuring the voltage while presenting a very high impedance to the voltage source
under the Test.
The variable resister R1 is the precision device that can be set to an accurate value.
the resister is adjusted so that no current is flow through the galvanometer. which is the
similar to balancing the bridge.
At this point the zero current flow several important characteristics of the
potentiometer cab be determine.
Result:- To study the working of the DC potentiometer.
Viva questions:-
1) What is the importance of std.cell of the Dc potentiometer?
2) How the Unknown emf is calculated by the Dc Potentiometer