Diodes 90W mosfet controller rated to 25V

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Diodes 90W mosfet controller rated to 25V

Diodes is offering a 25V-rated synchronous MOSFET controller for notebook and laptop power supply designs of 90W and above.

Designed to replace Schottky diodes in flyback converters, the ZXGD3104N8 is claimed to increase power supply efficiency by up to 3.5% through a reduction in rectifier losses of up to 70%. As a result, the device helps power supplies more easily attain the 87% Energy Star V2.0 rating.
With its wide operating voltage range of 5V to 25V, this SO8-packaged mosfet controller is able to be directly powered from the adaptor’s 19V supply rail.
The ZXGD3104N8’s proportional gate-drive operation guards against premature mosfet turn-off as the drain current decays, thereby maximising circuit efficiency and ensuring body diode conduction losses are minimized.

This, combined with the short turn-off propagation delay of typically 15ns, helps to maximize power supply circuit efficiency.