Archos 35 Home Connect.

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Archos intends to further push the envelope when it comes to technological boundaries as well as innovation with the introduction of their latest device, the Archos 35 Home Connect.
This is an Android-powered web radio that was specially designed for the home user. Touted to be the most advanced Android-based web radio in the market (which makes perfect sense after all, since how many web radios that run on the Android OS do you see hanging around store shelves, virtual or otherwise?), the Archos 35 Home Connect is perfectly sized to deliver streaming radio and music anywhere at home, ranging from the bedroom to the kitchen, bathroom or kids room.
Being diminutive in size certainly makes it a whole lot easier to tote around, and the Archos 35 Home Connect will boast Wi-Fi connectivity as well as amazing audio quality, once again lending wisdom to the adage that one ought not to judge a book by its cover – and in this case, the audio quality by its size. Let us take a close look at what the Archos 35 Home Connect is able to deliver after the jump.